update log

version1.2: new prize, updated quiz for no cheating, and update log. Added link to another website. -January 16 2019 ( HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

version1.3: added new pages, submitted to google search. Should happen in a few days. Updated quiz, new questions. Every update from now on will contain a new question(s) and a new prize. This update did not have a new prize. Changed ownership. Added dates to update log. Added permisions. Added puzzles. Puzzles rewards r IN BETA -January 18 2019

version 1.4: Added some new decorations, now available google search. Search pancakes4life google site. Puzzles getting removed soon.-January 24 2019 (happy birthday!

version 1.6: skipped an update sry but nothing rly happened. Added a bunch of secrets (:o). Extending days on puzzles bc i'm nice. Made content work if it didn't before. Removed private names from system.-January 27 2019

version 1.7 Added a what pancake are you wheel. More! (Out of time for tonight folks.)- February 4

version 1.8 (oh boy... Huge update...) Added go home pages, a comment section, and a way to get to the ULTIMATE PANCAKE! To get more info on the ULTIMATE PANCAKE!, than go to the bottom of the Recipes section. Comments will be reset once every two months. Will try to fix all complaints about website.-febuary 7 2019 ( Happy black history month!)

version1.9 approaching 2.0 update! Added rules for comment section, and a random facts section, to view random facts. More secrets because secrets are cool.-February 8 2019

version2.0! We have updated a full ten times! Fixed wheel on mobile, (probably) and added more stuff to wheel. Can´t add anything else though, because than the wheel glitches out, and you cant see what you are going to land on. Added thanos memes (Requested from a lot of people) and fixed some bugs.

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Nobody ever scrolls down here! I'm impressed! Here's a hint for the puzzle: the answer is 2 digits. you might find something else by clicking on something that seems to be there for no reason....